Cheesy Baked Potato Fusion Mash Up

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Cheesy Baked Potato Fusion Mash Up

A Chinese take on the cheesy baked potato that shouldn’t work

Cheesy baked potatoes are great – easy and tasty with the addition of baked beans they are a favourite.
But this one has a bit of a twist…
The addition of slow roasted belly pork and hoisin sauce gives it a Chinese twist…a fusion of the traditional British and Chinese.
Well, belly pork and beans go with the hoisin but bizarrely so does the cheesy potato…a real fusion mash up. Try it!


For one
1 large baked potato
1 bunch of spring onions
150g good strong mature cheddar – or cheese of your choice
2 tsp of mayonnaise or coleslaw – depends on how much you like it
Seasoning to taste


Belly Pork – slow roasted
Baked beans
Hoisin sauce


Bake your potato…(either fully in the oven or start it off in the microwave and finish off for 30 min in the oven – quicker but the purists will complain – depends how much time you’ve got)
Grate your cheese
Split the potatoes length wise and scoop out the potato and mix in a bowl with your cheese and coleslaw / mayonnaise
Add seasoning to taste
Place the mixture back into the potato skins and bake for 5 min more – golden on the top


Serve “on a bed” of baked beans of your choice and add a few slices of your belly pork with some hoisin sauce.