Pork Stuffed with Prunes and Apricots


Pork Stuffed with Prunes and Apricots served with Roast Summer Veg…

An old recipe, but worth it.

If you don’t like either prunes or apricots then don’t do this. But you can use just one or the other…
The fruit keeps the pork tender and moist whilst adding flavour.


For 2:

One pork tenderloin – opened out and rolled flat
One tin of prunes and one of apricots
New potatoes, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, red pepper, aubergine, onion, garlic (skin on)…your favourite summer veg. Omit the ones you don’t like…but really you need the tomatoes. Keep the garlic whole. Slice up all the other veg to sizes and shapes you like
Olive oil and seasoning


Heat the olive oil in a roasting tin
Pre-cook / blanch the pots for 5 min
Place all the veg into the roasting tin on a medium heat and cook for 30 min stir
Place the prunes and apricots on the opened out pork loin and roll up
Pin with cocktail sticks
Place in a roasting tin and cook with the veg for 30 min


Let the pork rest for 5 min the cut in half
It can be served with the veg or with the veg as a side dish
Drizzle some olive oil over, sprinkle of paprika, done.